Frequently asked questions

Do you supply an introduction cage with your Queens?
~ All queens are sent in introduction cages

How do I place an order?
~ you can place orders on the home page of this webpage

When will queens, nucs and colonies be ready?
~ Queens, nucs and colonies will be ready from mid June onwards, weather permitting

Can you take orders over the phone?
~ Yes, but most orders come in through the website, if you order over the phone we still need a deposit by cheque

Are your queens marked?
~ Yes, with the current years colour

Are your queens mated?
~ We only sell mated queens

Do you produce nucs and colonies on National frames?
~ Yes we do (and 14*12 and Langstroth)

Do you produce nucs and colonies on 14*12 frames?
~ Yes we do (and National and Langstroth)

Di you produce nucs and colonies on Langstroth frames?
~ Yes we do  (and National and 14*12)

Do you post honey bees outside of the UK?
~ No we do not

Do you post nucs and colonies?
~ No we do not.

Where can I pick the nucs or colonies up from?
~ You can pick the nucs or colonies up from Outwood, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Are your queens clipped?
~ No, only upon request

I tried to phone but it only goes to an answer phone?
~ We are very busy, we cannot always get to the phone, so please leave a message and we will get back to you

When do you post the Queens  out?
We post queens out between Monday and Thursday but we will contact you first to confirm you are in a position to receive the queen IE not on holiday

Can I start a colony with just a queen?
~ No. you must have an existing colony or nuc to introduce a queen to. You cannot start a colony of bees with just a queen

Do you sell bees to beginners?
~ Yes, but we encourage you to undergo some form of training first

When will overwintered nucs and colonies be ready?
~ Middle of Apri, however they are sold on a first come first served basis

Can you give me a specific delivery date?
~ No, due to the nature of dealing with live animals, mating can be unpredictable

When do I pay for my bees?
~ If ordering queens, the payment is required in full upfront. If ordering nucs or colonies a non refundable deposit is required with the balance payable upon pickup

What happens when my nuc or colony is ready for pick up?
~ We will contact you and make you aware they are ready and agree a pickup date that is mutually agreeable

Do you supply package bees?
~ No

When is the best time to order?
~As soon as you know you want queens, nucs or colonies we recommend you order straight away to prevent disappointment of unavailability through the season

Will the post office post the queens through my letter box?
~ Yes they will.