Tips For Transporting Honey Bees

When you pick up your nucleus or colony from us, it will be secured in either a 5 frame nucleus transport box or a brood box with a travel screen.

  • Keep your car cool when moving bees, honey bees can die when to hot but cannot get to cold. Have the air condition on cold
  • It is best to move honey bees early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature is cooler than peak daytime.
  • Bring items to secure or wedge the box of bees in your car so they don't tip over. A strap, cushion, clutter, something to wedge it in the boot
  • Place the box in the boot of your car and have the frames parrallel to the wheels so the frames don't rock when you accelerate or break
  • Cover the box of bees up in the boot to keep out of direct sun shine
  • I will guarantee the queen in transport, so if she gets squashed I will replace her
  • The honey bees (workers) themselves are your responsibility and I will not guarantee these in transit
  • If you are buying a colony it is easier for two people to carry a colony than one at your journey destination once you leave my apiary
  • If purchasing a colony and If you are travelling for more than 60minutes then you will need a water sprayer. The bees should be sprayed after 60minutes with water and subsequently every 30minutes through the mesh travel screen.